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Minecraft Apex Legends map

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Minecraft Apex Legends map
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The Minecraft mod map pack "Apex Legends" offers a battle royale game for both single and multiplayer modes. It has a lower complexity, featuring only robot enemies, one map, and a simulated battle royale experience where players can pause the game.

Minecraft: Apex Legends - modsgamer.com

This pack includes exclusive 3D guns, attachments, abilities, and items. It is designed to perform well and is recommended for use with 6 GB RAM.

The game mode is called "King's Canyon," and it features non-experimental guns that are designed to work smoothly and intuitively. Each gun has unique characteristics. To automatically reload an empty clip, there must be enough ammo of the appropriate type in the inventory.

These guns have a short invincibility time after hitting an enemy. Using automatic fire against enemies will make each hit valuable (similar to shotgun blasts)! Continuous damage will decrease over time.

There are two game modes: 

1. Battle Royale: 

- Simulated Battle Royale: Three enemy teams are randomly generated. Learn to play your favorite legend best. Drop, loot, and survive as the last team/legend standing. There are currently no zones (required) due to the default limit of simulated distance.

2. Single Player Battle Royale: 

- Battle against a single enemy in a battle royale. Multiple players can fight together or against each other. All players can survive and complete a round and become champions.

All legends have 36 HP. After dropping, only basic health (20 HP) is provided, which can be restored with medical kits. The shield battery can increase health by 16 HP!

Minecraft: Apex Legends - modsgamer.com

Minecraft: Apex Legends - modsgamer.com

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