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MetalChest Mod
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Wed Dec 06 18:28:13 CST 2023
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Addon: MetalChest -

Elevate Your Storage with Upgradable Chests: Introducing Iron, Gold, and Diamond Chests!

Tired of the limitations of standard chests? This innovative addon introduces a series of upgradable chests: Iron, Gold, and Diamond Chests. Each chest offers increased storage capacity, allowing you to organize and manage your vast collection of items with ease.

Iron Chest: A Sturdy Upgrade

Crafted with a regular chest and eight iron ingots, the Iron Chest provides a substantial storage boost, offering 54 slots to accommodate your growing inventory.

Addon: MetalChest - 

Addon: MetalChest - 

Golden Chest: A Glimmering Enhancement

To further expand your storage capabilities, upgrade your Iron Chest to a Golden Chest using eight golden ingots. This gleaming chest boasts an impressive 81 slots, ensuring ample space for all your valuables.

Addon: MetalChest - 

Addon: MetalChest - 

Diamond Chest: The Ultimate Storage Solution

For the ultimate storage solution, craft a Diamond Chest from a Golden Chest and eight diamonds. This luxurious chest reigns supreme with a staggering 108 slots, providing unparalleled storage capacity for even the most extensive collections.

Addon: MetalChest -

Addon: MetalChest -

Experience the Convenience of Upgradable Storage

These upgraded chests seamlessly integrate into your existing storage system, inheriting all the familiar features and functionality of standard chests. Simply replace your regular chests with their respective upgraded versions to unlock enhanced storage capacity.

Download this addon today and revolutionize your Minecraft storage experience!

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