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Magic Pot (Botany Pot) Mod

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Magic Pot (Botany Pot) Mod
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Mon Sep 25 18:41:57 CST 2023
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Addon: Magic Pot (Botany Pot) - modsgamer.com

This Minecraft mod can help you save time felling trees or farming, allowing you to complete these tasks more efficiently. You can also choose to have it grow automatically, which gives you time to do other things while the plant is growing, such as mining, building a house, or raising farm animals. Additionally, it has a feature that allows Hopper to automatically send items to boxes, making your item management even more convenient.

Introduction to the content of the Mod

How it work?

I recommend placing the pot on the hopper or not on the hopper. Next put the blocks that will grow the plants such as dirt, grass (sand, clay and more will be added later as well) and the plants you want to grow such as Sprouts, Wheat Seeds, etc.Addon: Magic Pot (Botany Pot) - modsgamer.com 

What is Sprouts?

Sprouts is new item it can craft by using saplings and Sprouts can craft back into Saplings to.Addon: Magic Pot (Botany Pot) - modsgamer.com 


Pot RecipesAddon: Magic Pot (Botany Pot) - modsgamer.com

Growth Time 
  • All Sapling > 120s (2 min)

  • Beetroot > 30s

  • Carrot > 30s

  • Melon , Pumpkin > 60s (1 min)

  • Potato > 30s

  • Sweet Berries > 30s

  • Wheat > 30s



No need to use farmland anymore, can grow wheat or others by using dirt or grass.Addon: Magic Pot (Botany Pot) - modsgamer.com 

You can also use bone meal to make it grow faster.Addon: Magic Pot (Botany Pot) - modsgamer.com


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Download 180128

How to Use

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