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Lightning Manipulator Mod

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Lightning Manipulator Mod
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Thu Dec 14 17:29:29 CST 2023
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Addon: Lightning Manipulator - modsgamer.com

Embrace the Power of the Storm: Introducing the Fulmen Staff for Minecraft!

Unleash devastating bolts of lightning with the awe-inspiring Fulmen Staff! This powerful Minecraft addon equips you with a versatile weapon capable of manipulating and summoning thunderbolts, adding a thrilling layer of power and destruction to your gameplay.

Addon: Lightning Manipulator - modsgamer.com

Acquiring the Staff:

  • Creative Mode: Craft the Fulmen Staff directly from the Equipment tab in your inventory.

  • Survival Mode: Forge the "Uncharged Fulmen Staff" by combining a Netherite Ingot, a Diamond, and an Iron Block.

Addon: Lightning Manipulator - modsgamer.com

  • Charging the Staff: Right-click or long-press (depending on your platform) the "Uncharged Fulmen Staff" 10 times. This process will summon lightning strikes upon you, which you must withstand using armor or healing potions.

Addon: Lightning Manipulator - modsgamer.com

Addon: Lightning Manipulator - modsgamer.com

Unmatched Power:

  • Protection and Resistance: Wielding the Fulmen Staff grants you both fire resistance and immunity to lightning strikes.

  • 6 Melee Damage: Deliver powerful blows to your enemies with the staff's base damage.

5 Electrifying Attack Types:

  • 1. Targeted Strike: Hitting any mob with the staff summons a thunderous bolt directly on them.

Addon: Lightning Manipulator - modsgamer.com

  • 2. Multi-strike: Right-click/long-press to unleash lightning strikes on the 5 nearest mobs, surrounding them with electrifying fury.

Addon: Lightning Manipulator - modsgamer.com

  • 3. Line Strike: Right-click/long-press to unleash a line of 5 lightning bolts, decimating enemies in your path.

Addon: Lightning Manipulator - modsgamer.com

  • 4. Seeking Bolt: Right-click/long-press to shoot an invisible projectile that instantly summons lightning upon hitting any block or entity.

Addon: Lightning Manipulator - modsgamer.com

  • 5. Chain Lightning: Right-click/long-press to shoot an invisible projectile that strikes the initial target and then chains lightning to 5 nearby entities, wiping them out in a storm of electricity.

Addon: Lightning Manipulator - modsgamer.com

Switching Attack Modes:

  • Switching Modes: While sneaking, right-click/long-press to access the attack type menu.

  • Returning to Default: Sneak, jump, and then right-click/long-press to revert to the default attack type.

Important Note: Ensure all experimental options are enabled for optimal functionality of the Fulmen Staff.

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