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LifeSteal Mod
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Unleash the Thrill: Introducing the LifeSteal Bedrock Addon!

Calling all competitive Minecraft players!

Experience the heart-pounding intensity of LifeSteal in Minecraft Bedrock Edition with this revolutionary addon! Inspired by the popular Java edition feature, LifeSteal lets you thrive by stealing life, adding a whole new dimension to your PvP battles.

The Core Mechanic:

  • Life Force: Each player starts with a set number of lives (hearts). Every time you slay an opponent, you gain a heart, strengthening your life force. Conversely, dying reduces your hearts.

  • Strategic Elimination: The stakes are high! Reach zero hearts and face the consequences, either becoming a spectator or getting banned (the choice is yours to customize!).

Unmatched Customization:

  • Tailored Experience: LifeSteal Addon offers an intuitive in-game menu, allowing you to personalize various aspects of the gameplay.

  • Fine-Tune the Rules: Adjust settings like starting health, health gain per kill, death penalties, and even soul drops.

  • Catering to All Preferences: Whether you prefer hardcore consequences or a more forgiving experience, LifeSteal Addon empowers you to tailor the rules to your server's preferences.

Life Beyond the Basics:

  • Revival System: Craft a beacon of hope! The revive beacon allows players to restore the fallen, offering a second chance in the fight for survival.

  • Bonus Options: Experiment with exciting possibilities like spawning players with random health, adding another layer of unpredictable fun.

Download the LifeSteal Addon today and transform your Minecraft Bedrock Edition server into a thrilling battleground for life and glory!

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