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Lifesteal Mod
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Addon: Lifesteal -

Unleash the Thrill of Lifesteal in Minecraft!

Ready to test your PvP skills in a thrilling new way? The Lifesteal add-on for Minecraft brings the edge-of-your-seat excitement of the Lifesteal SMP right to your world! This captivating mod introduces a unique twist on combat, where every kill grants you a heart, while every death costs you one. Prepare for a heart-pounding experience where survival and victory depend on your cunning and combat prowess!

Master the Art of Hearts:

  • Craft Your Way to Power: Create Heart Fragments, Heart Essence, and even Hearts themselves through the intuitive crafting system. Each Heart grants you an extra life, turning every encounter into a high-stakes gamble.

Heart Fragment - Used to make heartsAddon: Lifesteal - 

Heart Essence - Used to make heartsAddon: Lifesteal - 

Heart - Used to gain 1 heartAddon: Lifesteal -

  • Rise Above Death: Claim a fallen player's heart as your own, replenishing your life force and extending your dominance. But remember, the same fate awaits you if you fall in battle.

Addon: Lifesteal -

  • Withdraw and Recharge: Need to strategize? Use the withdraw command to safely remove hearts from your inventory and plan your next move.

Addon: Lifesteal -

Embrace the Power of Life:

  • Become the Savior: Wield the legendary Heart of Life, a powerful item that allows you to revive fallen allies. Bring your comrades back to the fray and turn the tide of battle!

  • Craft Immortality: Forge your own Heart of Life with the provided recipe. This ultimate prize grants you the power to become a true master of life and death.

Beyond the Edge:

  • Experience the Depths of Death: The Lifesteal add-on also introduces the concept of Ghosts. Upon death, you'll become a spectator, watching the world unfold and waiting for your chance to return.

  • Embrace the Challenge: Activate the "Required Experimental Gameplay: Ghosts" option to truly immerse yourself in the Lifesteal experience. This setting makes death permanent, adding a layer of tension and consequence to every encounter.

Addon: Lifesteal -

Download the Lifesteal add-on today and experience the thrill of a PvP adventure where every fight is a gamble for life itself! Hone your skills, strategize your moves, and claim your place as the ultimate Lifesteal champion!


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