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Knights vs. Rogues Map

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Knights vs. Rogues Map
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Clash of Castles: Knights vs. Rogues in a Minecraft Battle Royale!

Prepare for an epic showdown in Minecraft! Enter the fortified walls of a majestic castle, where nobles and rebels clash in a thrilling battle for control. Knights stand resolute, defending their sacred beacons. Rogues, cloaked in shadows, plot their daring heist. Will chivalry triumph, or will cunning snatch the day?

This thrilling mini-game, crafted by passionate Minecraft players, pits knights against rogues in a battle for dominance.

The Stakes are High:

  • Knights: Uphold honor and duty! Protect the castle's three beacons for 10 minutes against relentless waves of rogue attacks. Choose from 5 unique knight kits, each with its own strengths and strategies.

  • Rogues: Unleash your inner trickster! Infiltrate the castle using hidden passages, parkour, and brute force. Steal all three beacons before time runs out, utilizing 6 cunning rogue kits, each equipped with an iron pickaxe.

Multiple Paths to Victory:

  • Knights: Fortify your defenses, strategically deploy your team, and master your chosen kit's abilities. Teamwork and tactical thinking are key!

  • Rogues: Choose your entry point wisely – breach the main gate, sneak through hidden tunnels, or scale the castle walls with audacious parkour. Time your strike, coordinate with your fellow rogues, and exploit the knights' weaknesses.

Two Versions, Double the Fun:

  • Normal Edition: Experience classic PvP combat with a twist – rogues choose between day or night assaults.

  • Ability Edition: Unwind your special kit abilities, each with unique powers and strategic potential. (Note: This version is under development and may have some temporary bugs.)

Gather your friends and prepare for a battle for the ages!

Download the "Clash of Castles" mini-game map today and:

  • Embark on an epic multiplayer adventure.

  • Choose your side: noble knight or cunning rogue.

  • Master unique kits and hone your combat skills.

  • Forge alliances and outsmart your opponents.

  • Claim victory for your cause in this thrilling castle showdown!


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