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Joey gaming Backrooms Filming World Minecraft Map

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Joey gaming Backrooms Filming World Minecraft Map
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Explore the Haunting Backrooms in this Minecraft Adventure Map!

Have you ever felt like you've clipped out of reality? The Backrooms Minecraft Adventure Map, inspired by the lore of the creepypasta phenomenon and Joey's gaming Backrooms roleplay, invites you on an unsettling exploration into a labyrinth of unsettling spaces.

A World Gone Wrong:

One moment you're in a mundane meeting, the next you find yourself trapped in a world of endless yellow walls, buzzing fluorescent lights, and the unsettling scent of damp carpet. Navigate these unsettling landscapes, each with its own unique atmosphere and unsettling secrets.

Iconic Backrooms Levels Await:

  • Level 0: Your journey begins in the iconic Level 0, a vast expanse of monotonous yellow walls and humming lights. Can you escape this disorienting space?

  • Level 1: Delve deeper and confront the chilling emptiness and potential dangers that lurk in Level 1.

  • Level 2: Descend into the oily, industrial nightmare of Level 2's maintenance tunnels. Beware, the lightbars depicted in the roleplay are not included for an extra dose of eeriness. (Note: Shaders are not currently supported on Minecraft Bedrock Edition)

  • Level 283 (Fun): Step into the unsettling playroom of Level 283, a place where childhood wonder takes a sinister turn.

  • Level 37 (The Poolrooms): Wade through the endless, echoing pools of Level 37. Keep your eyes peeled, you never know what might be lurking beneath the murky surface.

  • Unveiling the Mystery: Explore a selection of additional Backrooms levels, including Level 811, Level 25, Level 52, and the enigmatic Level "!," each holding its own unsettling secrets.

  • The Final Destination: Will you discover what lies at "The End"? Brace yourself for the unknown.

Exploration at Your Own Pace:

This map is designed for a purely exploratory experience. While there are no direct threats (aside from the inherent creepiness of the Backrooms!), those susceptible to feelings of unease in confined spaces ("Liminal Spaces") should proceed with caution.

Experience the Backrooms Today!

Download the Backrooms Minecraft Adventure Map and embark on a journey into the unsettling depths of this alternate reality.

Uncover the secrets, confront your fears, and see if you can find your way out...


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