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Java Banner Shield Mod

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Java Banner Shield Mod
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Wed Dec 06 18:46:02 CST 2023
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Addon: Java Banner Shield - modsgamer.com

Enhance Your Shields with Banners: Introducing the Banner on Shield Addon

Yearn for the ability to adorn your shields with vibrant banners, just like in Java Edition? Your wait is over! The Banner on Shield Addon introduces this highly anticipated feature to Bedrock Edition, empowering you to customize your shields with a touch of personality and flair.

Effortless Banner Crafting:

With this addon, crafting a bannered shield is a breeze. Simply combine a banner and a shield within the crafting table, and voila! Your shield is now adorned with your chosen banner pattern, ready to complement your armor and showcase your unique style.

Addon: Java Banner Shield - modsgamer.com

Addon: Java Banner Shield - modsgamer.com

Color Expansion on the Horizon:

While the addon currently offers a selection of basic colors, more vibrant hues are on the way in future updates. Stay tuned for an expanded color palette to further enhance your banner and shield customization options.

Embrace Bannered Shields: A Touch of Personalization Awaits

Download the Banner on Shield Addon today and add a touch of personalization to your shields. Transform your defensive tools into symbols of your creativity and style

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