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Iron Weapon Expansion Package Mod

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Iron Weapon Expansion Package Mod
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Fri Mar 01 18:03:37 CST 2024
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Iron Arsenal Expansion: Forge Your Destiny in Minecraft!

Calling all blacksmiths and warriors!

The Iron Arsenal Addon receives a mighty update with v0.2, bringing a fresh arsenal of weapons to your Minecraft world!

Unleash the Fury:

  • Wield New Iron Weapons: Craft and conquer with a diverse selection of brand-new iron weaponry, including the versatile iron dagger, the sweeping iron sickle, and the powerful iron knight spear.

  • Embrace Classic Blades: Forge iconic weapons like the iron long knife and the iron thin sword, offering reliable damage and durability.

  • Experience Balanced Power: Each weapon boasts distinct damage output and durability, allowing you to tailor your arsenal to your combat style.

Unveiling the Armory:

  • Iron Long Sword (7 damage, 751 durability): Strike fear with a classic longsword, delivering reliable damage and endurance.

  • Iron Wide Sword (7 damage, 751 durability): Cleave through foes with the broad, sweeping force of the wide sword.

  • Iron Hammer (5 damage, 351 durability): Crush your enemies with the raw power of the iron hammer.

  • Iron Battleaxe (6 damage, 551 durability): Hack and slash your way through opponents with the brutal efficiency of the battleaxe.

  • Iron Ikakalaka Sword (6 damage, 271 durability): A unique blade with balanced stats, offering a versatile combat option.

  • Iron Moon Blade (6 damage, 286 durability): Unleash the elegance and lethality of the moon blade.

Forge Your Legend:

  • Immerse yourself in crafting: Discover the recipes for each weapon, allowing you to forge your own iron arsenal.

  • Embrace balance: Explore the diverse stats and applications of each weapon to find your perfect combat companion.

  • Conquer all challenges: Face every foe with confidence, armed with the expanded capabilities of the Iron Arsenal Addon.

Join the Iron Age! Download the Iron Arsenal Addon v0.2 today and forge your destiny in Minecraft!


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