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Invasion Code Red Mod

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Invasion Code Red Mod
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Fri May 03 13:47:45 CST 2024
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Unleash Chaos with Invasion Code Red - A Minecraft Boss Battle Extravaganza!

Gear up for an epic adventure with Invasion Code Red, a Minecraft addon overflowing with ferocious new bosses, hostile mobs, and unique items!

Challenge Awaits:

  • 10 Fearsome Bosses:  Conquer a legion of monstrous bosses, each with unique attacks, abilities, and weaknesses.  Face off against the likes of the Mother Creeper, Spitewing, Revenger Man, and more!

  • Brutal Encounters:  Battle challenging new hostile mobs, including Zombie Villagers, Animalistic Golems, and Ravager Hunters.

  • Strategic Raids:  Prepare for intense raids featuring throngs of enemies, demanding tactical combat and well-crafted defenses.

Unveiling the Arsenal:

  • Legendary Weapons:  Earn your rewards! Slay bosses to claim powerful weapons like the Fabled Rose Diamond Blade that summons dragons and the Legendary Iron Sword that spawns helper vexes.

  • Mystical Items:  Discover the mysterious Golem Wrench, capable of transforming docile golems into ferocious beasts. Utilize the Enchanted Fruit to craft the Golem Spawner and bolster your defenses.

  • Protective Armor:  Fortify yourself with formidable armor sets like the Withered Armor looted from fearsome Wither Skeletons and the coveted (but currently unobtainable) Cursed Oni Armor.

 Invasion Code Red Addon  

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