Insane Addon

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Insane Addon
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This Minecraft Mod Is Insane Addon: The Ultimate Challenge in Survival Mode

Insane Addon is the hardest and craziest survival mode in Minecraft. It will take the entry point to the game to a whole new level, allowing players to experience the challenges of space.

In Insane Addon, players will face the following challenges:

Monsters become stronger and harder to kill. Regular zombies can now kill players in one hit, while slimes can spit out venom, inflicting poison on players.

The weather is more statistical. Thunderstorms will occur and lightning can destroy player structures.

Resources are more scarce. Solidified ore is harder to find, and solidified food is easier to obtain.

Insane Addon is a real challenge in which only the strongest players can survive. If you're looking for a survival mode that will really test your skills, Insane Addon is definitely the game for you.


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