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Ice Hockey Minigame V2 Map

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Ice Hockey Minigame V2 Map
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Thu Jan 04 16:25:02 CST 2024
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Face Off in the Ultimate Minecraft Ice Hockey Minigame!

Lace up your skates and grab your stick! Ice Hockey Minigame V2 throws you onto the ice for a fully functional and automated hockey showdown in Minecraft. Built with passion over two months, this map delivers an immersive and exciting sports experience perfect for friends and hockey fans alike.

Here's why you'll love Ice Hockey Minigame V2:

  • Official Tournaments: Inspired by the 2023 IIHF World Cup in Finland and Latvia, this map brings the real-world competition to your Minecraft screen. Gear up as your favorite team and battle for virtual glory!

  • Stunning Renovations: Say goodbye to the old stadium! V2 boasts a completely redesigned arena, complete with a retractable roof for dynamic weather and atmosphere.

  • Automated Action: Forget frustrating puck chases! This innovative map features a fully automated scoreboard and puck return system, powered by advanced command blocks for seamless gameplay.

  • Custom Content: An exclusive add-on adds essential touches like hockey pucks, sticks, and trophies, amplifying the immersion and excitement.

  • Multiplayer Mayhem: Grab your buddies and challenge each other to fierce ice hockey battles! V2 is best enjoyed with friends, so gather your teams and prepare for some epic face-offs.

Whether you're a seasoned hockey pro or a casual sports enthusiast, Ice Hockey Minigame V2 delivers thrilling competition and tons of fun. Download it today and experience the ice yourself!


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