Hunting Dog Mod

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Hunting Dog Mod
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Unleash the Hunt: Your Personal Pack of Hunting Dogs in Minecraft!

Ever dreamed of loyal hunting companions in Minecraft?  The Hunting Dog mod answers your call! This game-changer lets you recruit, train, and unleash a pack of ferocious hounds to do your bidding, eliminating tedious tasks and bringing a new layer of strategy to your adventures.

Tired of:

  • Endless Creeper explosions?

  • Struggling to find Endermen for their precious eyes?

  • Wasting time hunting specific mobs?

The Hunting Dog solves it all!

Here's the lowdown:

  • Find your furry friends: Search groves, windswept forests, and taiga hills for these loyal companions.

  • Tame and train: Bond with your dogs using bones, then equip them with specific items to target the mobs you need:

    • Gunpowder for pesky Creepers

    • Bone blocks for skeletal foes

    • Ender pearls for elusive Endermen

    • And more! (think rabbit feet, spider eyes, even glowstone dust)

  • Gear them up: Craft them custom armor for ultimate protection against explosions, projectiles, and even lava! ️

  • Breed and grow: Expand your pack using red or brown mushrooms and watch your pups mature (they're absolutely adorable!).

  • Control their range: Set them to "close" for constant companionship or "far" to explore and hunt independently. ️

  • Keep them healthy: Spoil your furry warriors with a variety of tasty treats to keep them energized and ready for action.

  • Ride into battle: Equip saddles and mount your trusty companions for an epic hunting experience!

Ready to transform your Minecraft world? Download the Hunting Dog mod today and experience the thrill of commanding your own pack of loyal hunters!

Hunting Dog Addon  

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