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Hulk Buster Addon

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Hulk Buster Addon
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Mon Apr 15 15:38:13 CST 2024
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Hulk Buster Addon - modsgamer.com

Become Iron Man's Hulk Buster in Minecraft with This Epic Addon!

Assemble, Minecraft heroes! The Hulk Buster Addon brings the colossal Iron Man suit to life, letting you dominate the blocky world with incredible power!

Unleash the Iron Avenger:

  • Command the Hulk Buster: Craft or find the Hulk Buster suit, a towering testament to Iron Man's engineering genius.

  • Explore in Style: Traverse the Minecraft landscape with ease and authority as you pilot the massive Hulk Buster.

Unleash Devastating Power:

  • Laser Beam Barrage: Blast through obstacles and obliterate enemies with the Hulk Buster's precise and powerful laser beams.

  • Crushing Melee Attacks: Engage in close-quarters combat with devastating melee strikes, feeling the force of the Hulk Buster behind each blow.

  • Explosive Missile Barrage: Rain down destruction from afar with the Hulk Buster's long-range missile attacks, leaving a trail of chaos in your wake.

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