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Helper's Wand Mod

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Helper's Wand Mod
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Wed Jan 31 17:26:55 CST 2024
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Unleash Your Monster Army: Tame and Upgrade Mobs with the Monster Helper Addon!

Ever dreamed of having monsters fight by your side in Minecraft? With the Monster Helper Addon, that fantastical dream becomes reality! Craft the powerful Helper Wand to tame monsters and transform them into loyal allies.

Key Features:

  • Become a Monster Master: Use the wand to promote various monsters, turning them into your loyal helpers. No more cowering in fear – command a fearsome army of spiders, skeletons, even Endermen!

  • Upgrade Your Army: Don't settle for ordinary minions! Empower your helpers with Attack Upgrades (Stone, Iron, Diamond) for increased damage, or Health Upgrades (Stone, Iron, Diamond) for boosted survivability.

  • Keep them Close: Prevent your helpers from wandering off with the Stay in Village feature. Simply interact with them and they'll remain in your designated village, ready to defend your territory.

  • Warden Taming: Even the mighty Warden can be swayed! Tame this formidable beast and enjoy its unique benefits: vibration immunity, inactivity-based tunnel collapse, and darkness-free interaction.

Crafting and Gameplay:

  • Helper Wand: Crafted with diamonds, sticks, and iron, this wand is your key to monster mastery.

  • Upgrades: Each upgrade tier requires higher material costs, offering progressively greater bonuses.

  • Promotion: Interact with monsters using the wand, and watch them transform into your loyal companions.

  • Leashing: Keep your helpers close with leashes, ensuring they're always by your side when you need them most.

Supported Mobs:

The addon boasts a wide variety of tamable monsters, each with their own strengths and upgrade compatibility. From classic Creepers and Skeletons to fearsome Ravagers and even the mighty Warden, build your dream team!


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