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Golden Compass Mod

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Golden Compass Mod
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Tue Dec 05 17:20:01 CST 2023
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Addon: Golden Compass - modsgamer.com

Ditch the Hacks, Embrace the Adventure: Golden Compass Addon Lets You Find ANY Minecraft Structure!

Forget tedious "/locate" commands and say goodbye to endless wandering! The Golden Compass Addon is your one-stop shop for effortlessly locating ANY vanilla structure in your Minecraft world.

Tired of aimlessly searching for villages, temples, or even the elusive End City? The Golden Compass takes the guesswork out of exploration, guiding you directly to your desired destination.

How it works:

1. No more complex setups! Just activate the experimental toggles and enable the behavior pack.

 Addon: Golden Compass - modsgamer.com

2. Hold the Golden Compass and press Shift. A menu pops up, allowing you to choose the structure you seek.

 Addon: Golden Compass - modsgamer.com Addon: Golden Compass - modsgamer.com 

3. Face any direction and follow the compass. It'll point you straight towards your chosen structure, like a trusty map come to life!

Here's what your trusty Golden Compass can find:

1.Villages: Bustling hubs of friendly villagers and hidden loot.

2.Temples: Desert, Jungle, Igloo, and Swamp – uncover ancient secrets and hidden treasures.

3.Stronghold: The gateway to the End – follow the compass and find your way to the legendary portal.

4.Shipwrecks: Explore sunken vessels and salvage valuable booty from the depths.

5.Ruined Portals: Activate them with Eyes of Ender and unlock new Nether and End adventures.

6.Pillager Outposts: Face-off against hostile mobs and claim their loot as your own.

7.Ocean Ruins: Dive into the deep and discover underwater monuments teeming with treasures.

8.Mineshafts: Delve into the earth, uncover hidden resources, and maybe even find a stray diamond or two.

9.Wooden Mansions: Solve puzzles, battle mobs, and claim the riches within these mysterious structures.

10.Buried Treasure: Follow the compass's whisper and unearth hidden chests overflowing with goodies.

11.Nether and End Exclusives: Bastion Remnants, Fortresses, and even the End City – conquer all dimensions with the compass as your guide.

No more blind exploration, no more frustration. The Golden Compass Addon empowers you to become a master explorer, unearthing every secret and conquering every corner of your Minecraft world.

Download the Golden Compass Addon today and embark on an unforgettable adventure! Let the compass be your guide and discover the boundless possibilities that await.

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