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Garten of Banban Map

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Garten of Banban Map
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Mon Nov 06 17:02:56 CST 2023
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Map: Garten of Banban - modsgamer.com

Map: Garten of Banban - modsgamer.com

This minecraft module map is BanBan Kindergarten

BanBan Kindergarten was once the first choice educational institution for discerning parents looking for a good learning environment for their children. However, one fateful day, all the residents mysteriously disappear, leaving a mystery that needs to be solved. Embark on a journey to explore the grounds and uncover the truth behind this puzzling event.

The presence of a trusted companion can enhance any experience. Leverage your trusty drone to help you navigate and progress through your facility. Let it provide comfort and companionship in the moments of loneliness and fear that are bound to arise often.

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