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Feudal Furniture Mod

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Feudal Furniture Mod
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Immerse Your Minecraft World in Rustic Charm with Feudal Furniture!

Craving authentic medieval furniture for your Minecraft castles, farmhouses, and bustling cities? Look no further than Feudal Furniture, a comprehensive mod boasting over 390 handcrafted pieces that blend seamlessly with Minecraft's aesthetic!

Effortless Crafting:

  • Like other mods in its collection, Feudal Furniture utilizes clay as its base material.

  • Simply combine clay in a stonecutter to unlock a variety of specialized boxes.

  • Each box contains furniture crafted from a specific wood type, plus miscellaneous decorations.

Transform Your Landscape:

  • Breathe life into ruined castles, sprawling cities, quaint farms, and rustic houses with the mod's diverse offerings.

  • Enhance your builds with an array of furniture, including:

    • Functional Blocks: Tables, desks, banks, ladders, rung stairs, supports, boxes, and picnic tables.

    • Immersive Decorations: Torches, banners, signs, barrels, chests, and more.

Unleash Your Creativity:

  • Survival Mode: Craft furniture by combining clay with wood in the stonecutter.

  • Creative Mode:

    • Access furniture directly from the Creative Menu (Decoration section).

    • Utilize convenient commands for quick placement using "/give @p ff: (block name)".

Find Inspiration & Support:

  • Featured Images: Get inspired by a gallery showcasing stunning builds adorned with Feudal Furniture.

  • Patreon Support: Support the mod creator and gain exclusive access to content without shorteners and early updates.

Important Notes:

  • Activate the addon for it to function effectively.

  • Regularly delete the addon cache to resolve any minor issues.

Embrace the magic of medieval simplicity with Feudal Furniture! Start crafting your dream builds today!


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