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Extra NPCs Mod
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Unleash Your Storytelling Power: The Extra NPCs Add-on for Minecraft!

Content Creators and Roleplayers, Rejoice!

Minecraft StealthCraft Studios proudly presents The Extra NPCs Add-on, a revolutionary tool that unleashes endless possibilities for immersive storytelling and character creation. Whether you're crafting intricate roleplay adventures or designing vibrant custom worlds, this add-on empowers you with incredible versatility:

Unprecedented Customization:

  • 1000 Custom Skins: Break free from the 20-skin limit! Breathe life into your world with 1000 customizable NPC skins, ensuring each character stands out.

  • Player Model Support: Say goodbye to generic NPC appearances! This add-on utilizes the player model, allowing you to leverage existing player skins for truly personalized NPCs.

  • Always-On Nametags: Stay informed! NPCs have always-on nametags by default, enhancing clarity and immersion.

  • Optional Nametag Removal: Prefer a sleeker look? Hide NPC nametags with the convenient /tag npc_notag command.

  • Size Variations: Create diverse NPC communities! Use the /tag npc_size1 command to adjust NPC sizes for added variety and storytelling potential.

Easy-to-Use Editing:

Transform your vision into reality with a straightforward editing process:

  1. Download and Prepare: Grab the add-on and convert it to a .zip file.

  2. Unleash Creativity: Replace "dummy" skins in the /RP/textures/entity/npc folder with your own creations.

  3. Pack it Up: Combine the modified folders into a new .mcaddon file.

  4. Import and Enjoy: Import the add-on and activate the behavior and resource packs in your world settings.

Start Your Adventure Today!

With its immense customization options and simple editing process, The Extra NPCs Add-on opens doors to limitless storytelling possibilities. Download it now and empower your Minecraft world with captivating characters and endless imagination!


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