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Escape From Pocong (Horror) Map

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Escape From Pocong (Horror) Map
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Tue Sep 26 16:38:05 CST 2023
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Map: Escape From Pocong (Horror) - modsgamer.com

This minecraft mod map is a haunted house map.In this exciting Minecraft adventure, you'll find yourself lost in the forest and stumble upon a haunted house. 

Trapped inside, you must find a way to escape using the clues and knowledge you gathered while exploring the house.

One of the challenges you encounter is Pocong, a ghost from Indonesia. Pocong is a corpse whose burial rope has not been removed, causing it to become trapped in the physical world. Bokan is often found on banana plantations and other remote areas.

To complete your adventure and return home, you must help untie Pocong and free it from its earthly bonds. Be brave and resourceful to overcome the challenges that await you as you travel through the haunted house!

There are 5 stages in this game:

Haunted houseMap: Escape From Pocong (Horror) - modsgamer.com 

You must explore and navigate the dwelling in order to discover an exit strategy.

VillageMap: Escape From Pocong (Horror) - modsgamer.com 

You will find strangeness with this village. you have to find out!!

ForestMap: Escape From Pocong (Horror) - modsgamer.com 

You will walk through forests and banana groves to get to the cemetery

CemeteryMap: Escape From Pocong (Horror) - modsgamer.com 

You made a mistake in this place so you are trapped in a haunted house

Haunted houseMap: Escape From Pocong (Horror) - modsgamer.com You must be able to escape from pocong!!

Update Summary:

- Rectified over 5 software glitches

- Decreased the resolution of textures to a smaller scale

- Implemented a more refined system

- Supports multiplayer functionality

Note: I assumed that "Playable for multiplayer" is referring to the game being functional for multiple players to participate.

All mods on modsgamer.com comes from user contributions and Internet, if you think there is any infringement, please let us know at [email protected], thank you!

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