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End Expansion Mod[2 Biomes,Creatures,Unique Weapons And Items]

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End Expansion Mod[2 Biomes,Creatures,Unique Weapons And Items]
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Fri Nov 24 18:05:26 CST 2023
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Addon: End Expansion - modsgamer.com

Embark on an Extraordinary End Adventure with GoggledGecko's Expansion

Prepare to transform the once-monotonous End dimension into a realm of captivating wonders with GoggledGecko's groundbreaking End Expansion addon. This revolutionary creation introduces two brand-new biomes, a host of formidable mobs, and an array of unique weapons and items, offering an unforgettable exploration experience.

Mod details

Chorillium Forest

Immerse yourself in the ethereal Chorillium Forest, a vibrant purple expanse teeming with Chorillium, Giant Chorus Fungi, and Ilmenya vines. This enchanting biome is home to an abundance of Schroomlights, providing a beacon of illumination amidst the otherworldly landscape.

Addon: End Expansion - modsgamer.com 

Chorillium Swampland

Explore the mystical Chorillium Swampland, a realm shrouded in dense mist and lush vegetation. Discover the wonders of Warped Chorus Fungi, Warped Ilmenya vines, and the captivating Icirlush plant, adding an air of mystery and enchantment to your End exploration.

Addon: End Expansion - modsgamer.com

Addon: End Expansion - modsgamer.com

Addon: End Expansion - modsgamer.com

Addon: End Expansion - modsgamer.com


Forgotten Library

A very rare structure, only found in the furthest reaches of the end (aka beyond x or z 3000). It is the home to the Elders with all of the knowledge and loot.Addon: End Expansion - modsgamer.com 

The Wanderer

A lonely soul, this creature will aimlessly wander the empty planes and kill any Enderman or player, by draining their soul.Addon: End Expansion - modsgamer.com 

The Elder

Possibly a more intelligent ancestor of the Enderman. They can be found in their libraries and are always open to trade for some new items. Addon: End Expansion - modsgamer.com 

The Ancient's Workbench

This is a special workbench from a long forgotten time. The only way to craft it is by first getting the knowledge of the ancient's from the Elders. On this bench you will be able to craft new, more complex items.Addon: End Expansion - modsgamer.com Addon: End Expansion - modsgamer.com 

The Ancient Staff

The Wanderer's scull that forms part of this staff, allows you to drain the souls of you enemies. Simply look in there general direction and use it. It is also craft on the Ancient's Workbench.Addon: End Expansion - modsgamer.com Addon: End Expansion - modsgamer.com 


  • For this to work you need to enable all of your experimental settings.

  • Remember to remove the old pack, before installing the new version, to avoid confusion. When you reapply this new version to an existing world where you played on, it should still work.


  • Fog will once again render correctly

  • Fixed all blocks to render correctly

  • Changed block models to be smaller than 16x16x16 units, as per the new requirement

  • Removed Wanderer's scull (I couldn't make it fit within a 16x16 area nicely)

  • Added Wandering Eye to replace Wanderer's scull

  • Updated loot tables and crafting recipes to use the new Wandering Eye, instead of Wanderer's scull

  • Stopped Wanderers from being able to spawn in the Overworld


How to use mod

 - Install Behavior and Resource Pack

 - Activate experimental game feature

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