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Emoji Chat Mod
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Express Yourself Loud and Clear with Emoji Chat! (Minecraft Mod)

Tired of plain text chat in Minecraft? Emoji Chat injects a dose of personality into your conversations with a vibrant selection of emoticons!

Over 40 Emojis at Your Fingertips:

From classic smileys    to expressive winks  and playful ghosts , Emoji Chat lets you convey a wider range of emotions in your messages.  Add a touch of sarcasm with a smirk  or express sadness with a frown .


A big thank you to the Keyyard Studio team for creating this fun and expressive mod:

  • Joshua

  • Keyyard

  • Ash

Easy Emoji Activation:

To use Emoji Chat, simply enable the Gametest Framework in your Minecraft settings. Then, type the emoji code within chat using this format: :code:

Example: Type :smiley: to send a smiley face icon

Pro Chat Tips:

For an optimal emoji chat experience, adjust your in-game chat settings for better visibility.

Finding the Perfect Emoji:

Feeling stuck?  No worries!  Emoji Chat features a handy built-in Emoji Dictionary within the "How to Play" section.  Browse the dictionary to quickly find the emoji that perfectly matches your mood!

Download and Chat with Flair!


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