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Element Slime Mod

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Element Slime Mod
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Mon Feb 05 18:51:14 CST 2024
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The Element Slime Addon: Exploring the Mysterious World of Vanilla's Creatures

Looking for a thrilling challenge or an adorable new friend this holiday season? Look no further than The Element Slime Addon! This latest addition to the vanilla world brings with it a host of exciting features, including jaw-dropping models, cute slimes, elemental constraints, and more!

Introducing the Element Slimes!

Baby Slime - With only one melee attack, this little guy is full of surprises.
Water Slime - Found near rivers, these slimes can float on water or swim through it. They attack with melee, weight attacks, and launch water balls that can poison and slow down players.
Fire Slime - A fiery addition to the slime family, found in the nether. They can swim in lava and attack with melee, weight attacks, and fire balls.
Grass Slime - These guys hide in the dirt and jump out when on fire. They attack with summoned thorns that poison and slow down players and summon baby grass slimes.
Wind Slime - Found in plains, hills, and mountains, these slimes have a slow fall and attack with melee attacks and sky attacks that shoot players from above.
Ray Slime - Found in hills and deserts, these slimes release electricity to restore health to nearby companions. They attack with melee attacks.

With such a diverse range of slimes and their unique abilities, The Element Slime Addon is sure to offer an unforgettable experience. So why wait? Dive into the world of The Element Slime Addon today!


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