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Doctor Who Stuff Mod

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Doctor Who Stuff Mod
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Wed Mar 06 17:04:58 CST 2024
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Assemble, Whovians! The Ultimate Doctor Who Addon for Minecraft!

Calling all Doctor Who enthusiasts! Craft your own Time Lord adventures with the ultimate Doctor Who Addon for Minecraft!

Bring the Whoniverse to Life:

Iconic Items: Craft and utilize authentic Doctor Who props, including various Sonic Screwdrivers (each with unique crafting recipes and sounds!), Daleks (multiple Dalek types!), TARDIS blocks, and more!

Survival-Friendly: All items come with crafting recipes, seamlessly integrating into your survival world.

Creative Inspiration: Decorate your world with Doctor Who-themed blocks and unleash your inner Time Lord architect!

Exploring the Sonic Potential:

Multifunctional Tool: Utilize your Sonic Screwdriver to till the land and efficiently strip logs, just like the Doctor!

Unique Sounds: Each Sonic Screwdriver boasts distinct audio effects, adding an extra layer of immersion.

Important Information:

Experimental Features Required: Ensure "Holiday Creator Features" are enabled in your world settings to access these items.

Crafting Recipes: All recipes for Sonic Screwdrivers will be displayed within the crafting table.

Future Additions:

We're constantly looking to expand the addon! Feel free to suggest your favorite Doctor Who elements for future updates.

Ready to embark on your own Doctor Who odyssey in Minecraft? Download the Doctor Who Addon today!


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