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Cyclone Mecha Addon

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Cyclone Mecha Addon
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Mon Dec 18 18:35:20 CST 2023
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Addon: Cyclone Mecha - modsgamer.com

This Minecraft add-on offers players the opportunity to pilot their own mechs. This addon includes the Whirlwind Armor, a powerful and customizable mech.

The Spinner Armor has a variety of skills that can be used in combat. These skills include:

Laser Cannon: Fires a powerful laser beam that can reach multiple targets.

Flamethrower: Sprays flames to burn enemies.

Heavy Machine Gun: Fires rapid-fire bullets that deal a lot of damage.

The Vortex Armor can also fly through the air, making it an ideal choice for movement during combat.

The Vortex Armor plugin can be used in survival mode. Players can collect the necessary resources to craft mechas.

This add-on offers a new and exciting way to play Minecraft. It allows players to experience the fun of being a mech warrior and explore new possibilities in the game.

Addon: Cyclone Mecha - modsgamer.com 

 Right click/long press on it to summon your mech. After a short animation, the mecha will come out.Addon: Cyclone Mecha - modsgamer.com 

You can get into the mech just like you would a horse. After entering the control cabin, you can see the customized ui on the screen.Addon: Cyclone Mecha - modsgamer.com 

Addon: Cyclone Mecha - modsgamer.com

Special abilities:


Addon: Cyclone Mecha - modsgamer.com

Addon: Cyclone Mecha - modsgamer.com

 The mecha will make an AOE attack. DMG: 50

 Shock WaveAddon: Cyclone Mecha - modsgamer.com 
The mecha will summon a shock wave to attack the target away from it. DMG: 25

 Gravity Area

Addon: Cyclone Mecha - modsgamer.com

Addon: Cyclone Mecha - modsgamer.com

 The mecha will summon an big area around it. Everything in this area will be frozen for 10 seconds.


Right click/long press to use it, and your mecha will get some buffs. You can see them on your screen.

Addon: Cyclone Mecha - modsgamer.com

If you hold jump (On pc, hold space), the mecha will float.Addon: Cyclone Mecha - modsgamer.com 

You can craft 2 items: the summoner and Crimson Sword.

Addon: Cyclone Mecha - modsgamer.com

Addon: Cyclone Mecha - modsgamer.com

TURN ON ALL EXPERIMENTAL GAMEPLAYS!Addon: Cyclone Mecha - modsgamer.com

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