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Cyber Craft Mod
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Unleash the Power of World Apart with the Cyber Craft Resource Pack!

Fans of the World Apart series, rejoice! This resource pack brings the iconic weapons and tools from the series directly into your Minecraft world.

Experience the Evolution:

  • Wield the Power: Replace your vanilla tools with a progression of themed weapons and tools, from the weathered "Rusty" to the legendary "Plasma" sword.

  • Embrace New Enemies: Encounter items and blocks inspired by enemies from the series, like the "Droug" pickaxe and the "Drone" block.

  • Explore Beyond the Series: Discover unique additions not found in the series, like the mystical "Mythical" tools and the fiery "Mythical Fireball" projectile.

Unveiling the Arsenal:

  • Tools: Rusty (Wood), Droug (Stone), Mythical (Iron), Drone (Gold), Plasma (Diamond), Magma (Netherite)

  • Cyber Assets: Solar Shield, Cyber Trident, Cyber Crossbow, Spyglass, Cyber Elytra, Cyber Shears, Cyber Hook, Air Orbs, Tablet Detector, Cyber Bow, Arrow, Fishing Hook

  • Projectiles: Cyber Shuriken, Mythical Fireball, ION Explosive, Small ION Explosive, Teleporter Energy, Cyber Dagger, Signers

  • Blocks: Drones (Gold), Mythical (Iron)

  • Items: Drone Ingots (Gold Ingots), Drone Nuggets (Gold Nuggets), Mythical Ingots (Iron Ingots), Mythical Nuggets (Iron Nuggets)

Note: Due to limitations, the preview image may not accurately represent the in-game colors of animated elements.

Embrace the World Apart experience today! Download the Cyber Craft Resource Pack now!



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