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Craftkai: Book II, Chapter I Mod

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Craftkai: Book II, Chapter I Mod
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Sun Feb 11 10:22:46 CST 2024
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Enter the Horror Realm of Roblox's "The Mimic" in Minecraft!

Calling all horror fans and Minecraft aficionados! Unleash the chills and thrills of the infamous Roblox game "The Mimic" right into your Minecraft world with this chilling new addon!

What awaits you:

  • Confront iconic Mimic monsters: Face Rin, Shosai, Tsukiya, Hyakume, Kishin, and Kyogi, each with unique behaviors and terrifying jumpscares.

  • Navigate through chilling atmospheres: Utilize lanterns from The Mimic to illuminate the darkness and uncover hidden secrets.

  • Immerse yourself in the "Book II, Chapter I" storyline: Experience the lore and challenges encountered in the original Roblox game.

Important notes:

  • This is a fan-made project and not affiliated with the official "The Mimic" game.

  • Monsters cannot be killed but can be despawned using a book.

  • They spawn only through commands or the creative inventory.

  • Be aware of loud noises and jumpscares!

Monsters at a glance:

  • Rin: Fast and relentless, accompanied by the haunting "Mio's Cry" chase theme.

  • Shosai: Highly aggressive and fast, demanding swift action upon hearing his scream.

  • Tsukiya: Smart and moderately aggressive, but ultimately outrunnable.

  • Hyakume: Slow and easily escaped, though its chase theme adds to the atmosphere.

  • Kishin: Somewhat aggressive and fast, requiring temporary strategic evasion.

  • Kyogi: Highly aggressive and quick, demanding constant vigilance and escape tactics.


  • Use two unique lanterns from The Mimic to illuminate your surroundings and enhance the spooky ambiance.

Known issues and how to address them:

  • Chase themes and jumpscare sounds: These rely on in-game systems and may not trigger flawlessly every time.

  • Monster aggression bugs: Unfortunately, the cause of this issue remains unknown.

  • "Duplicate pack detected": This typically occurs due to user error. Double-check your installation process.

Ready to conquer your fears? Download this addon now and experience the heart-pounding world of The Mimic within your Minecraft adventure!


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