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Chroma Key Mod
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Unleash Your Inner Filmmaker: Create Pro Minecraft Videos with this Addon!

Ever dreamed of crafting stunning, professional-quality Minecraft videos? Look no further! This exclusive Minecraft PE addon is your gateway to filmmaking glory. Forget about the limitations of other mods. This game-changer equips you with 7 innovative, meticulously designed cinematic blocks to elevate your productions to a whole new level.

Stepping into the Spotlight: The Normal Screens

Dive into the world of 3 color variations of classic filming screens, ready to illuminate your scenes seamlessly. Imagine the possibilities: dramatic close-ups, sweeping establishing shots, and everything in between, all brought to life with vibrant clarity.

Beyond the Ordinary: Unveiling the Green Screens

But that's just the beginning! This addon goes above and beyond with 3 dedicated green screens, the secret weapon of professional movie magic. These powerful tools allow you to effortlessly manipulate backgrounds and create stunning visual effects, opening doors to limitless creative expression.

Professional Touch: Introducing the Blue Screens

Take your filmmaking to the next level with 3 blue screens, another industry standard utilized for precise chroma keying and compositing. Imagine teleporting yourself to any location imaginable, seamlessly integrating into pre-recorded footage for mind-blowing results.

Light Up Your Scenes: Illumination Guaranteed

Never worry about lighting limitations again! All screens boast built-in illumination, ensuring perfect chroma keying in any environment. Focus on your creative vision, not technical hurdles.


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