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Chainsaw Man Minecraft Addon

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Chainsaw Man Minecraft Addon
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This Minecraft Mod Addon Will Let You Gain The Chainsaw Man's Abilities

Make sure you turn these experimental on, or else the addon won't work: Holiday Creator Features Upcoming Creator Features Molang Features

Chainsaw Man Addon | By Floaty [Work in Progress] - modsgamer.com

This mod for minecraft allows you to have Pochita pets. 

To tame Pochita, you'll need to sneak and interact with it, but you'll lose some health in the process. Once tamed, a Pochita can be used as a woodsaw or as a weapon. 

If you die while carrying a Pochita, it will merge with you and allow you to transform into Chainsaw using the Rip Cord item in your inventory. 

To last longer as Chainsaw Man, you'll need blood points, which can be earned by attacking and killing mobs. 

Becoming a Chainsaw also grants you abilities like faster running speed, higher jumps, stronger attacks, and a special ability called Jump Strike, which can be activated by sprinting and right-clicking.

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