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Cave Enhancements Mod

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Cave Enhancements Mod
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Fri Dec 08 18:01:22 CST 2023
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Addon: Cave Enhancements - modsgamer.com

Delve into the Gooey Depths: Explore the Goop Caves Mod!

Welcome to the Goop Caves, adventurer! This captivating mod plunges you into a sticky, gooey world filled with unique challenges and amazing discoveries. Prepare to navigate treacherous floors covered in Goop Blocks, dodge Goop splats, and avoid the paralyzing Goop Traps lurking from the ceilings.

Encounter Fascinating Creatures:

1. Dripstone Tortoise: These colossal beasts roam the Dripstone Caves biome, causing stalagmites to erupt from the ground with every stomp. Tread carefully, as engaging them will unleash their wrath upon you and nearby allies.

 Addon: Cave Enhancements - modsgamer.com

2. Goop: Hanging from the ceilings, these gooey creatures periodically drop Goop Traps that paralyze unsuspecting victims. Break the block they're perched on to prevent them from spreading their slippery menace.

 Addon: Cave Enhancements - modsgamer.com

3. Cruncher: Found in the Lush Caves, these adorable creatures adore Glow Berries. Feed them to witness their block-munching prowess – perfect for those times you need a quick hand digging down.

Addon: Cave Enhancements - modsgamer.com

Craft Illuminating Wonders:

1. Glowing Paste: Created using Glowing Ink Sacs, this portable light source allows you to place 24 glowing splotches, brightening up your journeys.

 Addon: Cave Enhancements - modsgamer.com

2. Spectacle Candle: This gooey candle uses Glowing Ink Sacs to grant night vision within a radius based on the number placed. Build a cluster for maximum illumination! 

Addon: Cave Enhancements - modsgamer.com

Uncover Hidden Secrets:

1. Lighting Anchor: Found in Meadow Biome structures, this trap captures lightning strikes from placed Lightning Rods. Interact with the charged block to unleash a devastating shockwave against enemies, or activate it with redstone for automated defenses.

 Addon: Cave Enhancements - modsgamer.com

2. Amethyst Flute: This musical instrument scares away phantoms but requires careful timing due to its 35-second cooldown and 64-use limit. Use it wisely to banish those pesky nighttime terrors!

Addon: Cave Enhancements - modsgamer.com

Embark on your gooey adventure today!


Make Sure To Download the Resource Pack & Behavior Pack


Please Enable these Experimental Toggles in game under the world creation screen for the pack to work

Addon: Cave Enhancements - modsgamer.com

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