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Captain America's Shield Mod

date date Mon Jul 17 14:42:36 CST 2023"
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Captain America's Shield Mod
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Mon Jul 17 14:42:36 CST 2023
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Mods,  Marvel Cinematic Universe
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Captain America's Shield Addon - modsgamer.com

Captain America's Shield Addon - modsgamer.com

How to use mod 

- Install Behavior and Resource Pack 

- Activate experimental game feature

This Minecraft Mod turns the trident into Captain America's shield, which can be thrown while also buffing your movement speed and jump height.

How to obtain the shield?

Trade with Myron Maclain to obtain the shield (or get it via the creative inventory). You can also get it by killing Drowned Zombies. By holding the item you will automatically get a few different status effects: Speed Leap and Resistance. It's recommended to enchant it with Loyalty to make it come back to you after it has been thrown.

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