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Bloodmoon Mod
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Addon: Bloodmoon -

Conquer the Night with the Blood Moon Addon

Brace yourself for an amplified survival experience with the Blood Moon addon, introducing a thrilling new challenge to your Minecraft adventures. As the ominous red glow of the Blood Moon engulfs the night, prepare to face a surge of hostile creatures, including those that typically remain dormant during normal nights.

Created by ClouddSpiderr, this innovative addon unveils a captivating event that redefines the lunar cycle, encouraging players to adapt their strategies and stay vigilant throughout the night. The unexpected appearance of the Blood Moon adds an element of suspense and immersion, keeping you on your toes as you navigate the treacherous terrain.

While the Blood Moon poses an undeniable threat, it also presents a rare opportunity to gather valuable resources. As the night unfolds, Endermen become more frequent visitors, granting you a chance to amass precious Ender Pearls.

The Blood Moon addon replaces full moons, occurring once every eight in-game nights. Embrace the challenge, hone your survival skills, and emerge victorious from the depths of the Blood Moon's reign.

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Addon: Bloodmoon - 

This addon adds a new in-game event called a Blood Moon. When a Blood Moon rises, it causes a lot of different monsters to begin spawning, including some monsters that don't usually spawn during normal nights! You will know when a Blood Moon has risen because the moon will take on ared glow,and a message will show up in chat saying "The Blood Moon rises.."Addon: Bloodmoon - 

Not only do Blood Moons introduce a challenging new survival mechanic, they also increase immersion by encouraging players to be more aware of the cycle of the moon to avoid being caught unprepared - it could be a matter of life or death. It's not all risk with no reward though..

During a Blood Moon, Endermen will also spawn more frequently, providing a unique, high-risk opportunity to farm Ender Pearls!
 Addon: Bloodmoon -

Blood Moons replace full moons, and as such occur once every eight in-game nights. 
 Addon: Bloodmoon - 

 NOTE: Remember to turn on all experimental togglesAddon: Bloodmoon -

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