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BikeCraft Mod[4 motorcycles]

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BikeCraft Mod[4 motorcycles]
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Thu Nov 16 17:57:47 CST 2023
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Addon: BikeCraft - modsgamer.com

Rev Up Your Minecraft Adventures with the BikeCraft Add-on

Embrace the exhilarating freedom of motorcycle riding as you traverse your Minecraft world with the innovative BikeCraft Add-on. This groundbreaking addition introduces four distinct motorcycles, each meticulously crafted to deliver a unique riding experience and enhance your exploration endeavors.

Mod details
You have two ways to create the motorcycles, one of which is in the creative, in which you can just open your inventory of items and search for the motorcycles you want in the search tab, here are the names of the motorcycles:

Harley Davidson

Motocross Bike


Quad BikeAddon: BikeCraft - modsgamer.com

The other way to use the motorcycles in your minecraft is in survival, looking for materials and creating parts to put everything together and generate the motorcycle of your choice, here is everything you will need to create the 3 types of motorcycles:


RimAddon: BikeCraft - modsgamer.com

WheelAddon: BikeCraft - modsgamer.com

HandlebarAddon: BikeCraft - modsgamer.com

SeatAddon: BikeCraft - modsgamer.com

Motorcycles Base (To create the scooter, motocross bike and quad-bike base you just have to change the red dye to cyan, yellow and blue)Addon: BikeCraft - modsgamer.com 

Motorcycle Final Craft (To create the scooter, motocross bike and quad-bike final craft you just have to change the base)Addon: BikeCraft - modsgamer.com 

And there is, now you just have to put the final motorcycle item in your map clicking with it on the ground. 

Addon: BikeCraft - modsgamer.com

Addon: BikeCraft - modsgamer.com

Addon: BikeCraft - modsgamer.com


Items now appear correctly in Minecraft

Crafts now work perfectly

All motorcycle speed increased

Quad Bike Added


Active all experimental options in your world

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Download 1408684

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