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BedWars Minecraft Map

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BedWars Minecraft Map
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Dominate the Battlefield in the Epic BedWars Map!

Calling all Minecraft warriors! Prepare to test your strategic prowess and combat skills in the BedWars map, a thrilling player-versus-player (PvP) experience.

Fight for Bed Supremacy:

  • Protect Your Core: At the heart of your island lies your bed – destroy it, and your team is out! Defend your bed at all costs by strategically fortifying your base and eliminating any threats.

  • Dominate Your Rivals: Launch strategic offensives against your opponents, seeking to destroy their beds and secure victory. Utilize cunning tactics and deadly skills to outsmart and overpower your rivals.

  • Resource Management: Gather precious resources from generators on your island. Use these resources to trade with villagers for essential items like weapons, food, and building blocks, fueling your path to victory.

Experience Unmatched Features:

  • Self-Repairing Arena: No worries about map resets! BedWars automatically repairs itself every 50 seconds, ensuring uninterrupted battles and endless fun.

  • Unique Trades: Engage in custom trades with villagers, acquiring the tools and supplies you need to dominate the battlefield.

  • Progressive Power: Utilize tiered mineral generators to access increasingly powerful resources as the game progresses, allowing for strategic upgrades throughout the match.

  • Flexible Game Modes: Choose your preferred play style! Battle solo against 3 AI opponents or assemble 4 teams of 4 players for epic team battles.

  • Bug Squashing Made Easy: Encounter any map glitches? Simply run the "/function reset" command to get things back on track.

Download the BedWars map today and unleash your inner champion!


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