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Bedrock Edition Origins Mod

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Bedrock Edition Origins Mod
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Origins Mod Bedrock Edition - modsgamer.com

Minecraft "Origins Mod Bedrock Edition": Experience the Java version of Origin mod on your mobile phone

"Origins: Bedrock" is a mod for the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft that brings the Java Edition of Origin mods to the Bedrock Edition. The Origin mod offers players a new gaming experience, allowing players to choose from different races, each with their own unique abilities and characteristics.

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Information and List of Origins

This addon adds origins that people can select at the beginning of their game and play with. These origins are based on creatures that give you special abilities that also come with balancing side effects.

The origin selection screen:Origins Mod Bedrock Edition - modsgamer.com 

A regular human. Your ordinary Minecraft experience awaits.Origins Mod Bedrock Edition - modsgamer.com 


Their climbing abilities and the ability to trap their foes in spiderweb make the Arachnid perfect hunters.

Climbing   You are able to climb up any kind of wall, not just ladders, by jumping continuously on touch screen, or holding jump otherwise to ascend, touching a wall to descend, and sneaking to cling to the wall. This is toggleable by jumping while sneaking.

Webbing   When you hit an enemy with your Primary Power item, they get stuck in cobweb and you have to wait a short cooldown before using it again.

Spider Sense   You can see clearer in dark places when not submerged in water.

Carnivore   Your diet is restricted to meat, you can't eat vegetables.

Fragile   You have 3 less hearts of health than humans.Origins Mod Bedrock Edition - modsgamer.com


The Avian race has lost their ability to fly a long time ago. Now these peaceful creatures can be seen gliding from one place to another.

Featherweight   You fall as gently to the ground as a feather would, unless you sneak.

Fresh Air   When sleeping, your bed needs to be at an altitude of at least 86 blocks, so you can breathe fresh air.

Tailwind   You are a little bit quicker on foot than others.

Oviparous   Whenever you wake up in the morning, you will lay an egg.

Vegetarian   You can't digest any meat.Origins Mod Bedrock Edition - modsgamer.com


Late descendants of the Blaze, the Blazeborn are naturally immune to the perils of the Nether.

Fire Immunity   You are immune to all types of fire damage.

Nether Inhabitant   Your natural spawn will be in the Nether.

Burning Wrath   When on fire, you deal additional damage with your attacks.

Hotblooded   Due to your hot body, venoms burn up, making you immune to poison and hunger status effects.

Hydrophobia   You receive damage over time while in contact with water.Origins Mod Bedrock Edition - modsgamer.com


Often flying around in the winds, Elytrians are uncomfortable when they don't have enough space above their head.

Winged   You have Elytra wings without needing to equip any.

Gift of the Winds   Every 30 seconds, you are able to launch about 20 blocks up into the air by using your Primary Power item.

Aerial Combatant   You deal substantially more damage while in Elytra flight.

Need for Mobility   You can not wear any heavy armor (armor with protection values higher than iron).

Claustrophobia   Being somewhere with a low ceiling for too long will weaken you and make you slower.

Brittle Bones   You take more damage from falling and flying into blocks.Origins Mod Bedrock Edition - modsgamer.com


Born as sons and daughters of the Ender Dragon, Enderians are capable of teleporting but are vulnerable to water.

Teleportation   Whenever you want, you may throw an ender pearl which deals no damage by using your Primary Power item, allowing you to teleport.

Tough Skin   You have 2 more hearts of health than humans.

Hydrophobia   You receive damage over time while in contact with water.

Slender Body   You are half a block taller than others due to your slender body, and a little bit quicker on foot than others due to your long legs, but you can fit in 2 block tall spaces by sneaking.Origins Mod Bedrock Edition - modsgamer.com


With their cat-like appearance, the Feline scares creepers away. With the dexterity of cats, they always land safely on their feet.

Acrobatics   You never take fall damage, no matter from which height you fall.

Strong Ankles   You are able to jump higher by jumping while sprinting.

Nine Lives   You have 1 less heart of health than humans.

Weak Arms   You are unable to mine natural stones if there are more than two natural stones adjacent to it unless you have the strength effect.

Catlike Appearance   Creepers and phantoms are scared of you, and creepers will only explode if you attack them first.

Nocturnal   You can see clearer in the dark when not submerged in water.Origins Mod Bedrock Edition - modsgamer.com


These natural inhabitants of the ocean are not used to being out of the water for too long.

Gills   You can breathe underwater, but not on land.

Wet Eyes   Your vision underwater is perfect.

Aqua Affinity   You may break blocks underwater as others do on land.

Fins   Your underwater speed is increased.Origins Mod Bedrock Edition - modsgamer.com


As half-human and half-phantom offspring, these creatures can switch between a Phantom and a normal form.

Phantom Form   You can switch between human and phantom form at will by using your Primary Power item. Sneak to get the Primary Power item back after using it.

Phasing   While phantomized, you can phase through solid material, except Obsidian, by punching with your Primary Power item, and you can sneak while in a wall to see through walls. Fancy Graphics must be turned on to see through walls.

Invisibility   While phantomized, you are invisible.

Photoallergic   You begin to burn in daylight if you are not invisible.

Fast Metabolism   Being phantomized causes you to become hungry.

Fragile   You have 3 less hearts of health than humans.Origins Mod Bedrock Edition - modsgamer.com


Related to Shulkers, the bodies of the Shulk are outfitted with a protective shell-like skin.

Hoarder   You have access to an additional 9 slots of inventory, which keep the items on death. This inventory can be accessed by looking straight down and interacting with the ground right below you, as if you were opening a chest minecart, while sneaking. This inventory can only be accessed in the overworld do to issues occurring when opening in other dimensions.

Sturdy Skin   Even without wearing armor, your skin provides natural protection.

Strong Arms   You mine faster due to your stronger arms.

Unwieldy   The way your hands are formed provide no way of holding a shield upright.

Large Appetite   You exhaust much quicker than others, thus requiring you to eat more.Origins Mod Bedrock Edition - modsgamer.com


Orb of Origin?

The Orb of Origin adds a way for people to change their origin later on in the game if they don't like their decision, it can be used by using it like a consumable. The optional behavior pack "Origins Craftable Orb of Origin" adds a way for the Orb of Origin to be obtained in survival without the use of commands. This behavior pack can go anywhere in the list of behavior packs. To get the Orb of Origin with commands, do "/give @s origins:orb_of_origin".

The crafting recipe:Origins Mod Bedrock Edition - modsgamer.com 

How to Install and Play the Addon?

Once the addon has imported into the game, to add it to your world or a new world, edit an existing world or create a new one, make sure cheats are enabled, Holiday Creator Features, the Gametest Framework, and Molang Features are required, and activate the behavior pack, the resource pack should be added automatically.Origins Mod Bedrock Edition - modsgamer.com 

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