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Bamboo Burnishes Mod

date date Thu Nov 16 16:18:31 CST 2023"
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Bamboo Burnishes Mod
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Thu Nov 16 16:18:31 CST 2023
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Addon: Bamboo Burnishes - modsgamer.com

Seamlessly blend the beauty of nature into your Minecraft: Bedrock Edition creations with Bamboo Burnishes, a captivating vanilla-style addon that introduces a trio of new bamboo-inspired blocks: bamboo planks, bamboo pillars, and bamboo lanterns.

Mod details
Bamboo planks

Bamboo planks are a building block crafted with bamboo. They are oriented vertically instead of horizontally, and are not used in recipes that wood planks are used in (such as bookshelves and beehives). They are instead used for building and crafting bamboo pillars. Bamboo planks can be crafted with four bamboo.Addon: Bamboo Burnishes - modsgamer.com 

Bamboo pillar

A bamboo pillar is a building block that can be rotated, like logs and other pillars. Not only do they serve as great pillars, but tables as well. Two bamboo pillars can be crafted with two bamboo planks.Addon: Bamboo Burnishes - modsgamer.com 

Bamboo lantern

A bamboo lantern is a light source that can be hung from or placed on a block. They emit a strong light level of 15, as bright as a sea lantern, and are a great alternative to other light sources. A bamboo lantern can be crafted with four bamboo and a torch.Addon: Bamboo Burnishes - modsgamer.com 


Hardness values for bamboo items lowered to 1.5

Bamboo lanterns no longer break when pushed by piston

Bamboo planks recipe output increased to 2

Holiday Creator Features must be enabled for the add-on to work as intended

How to use mod

 - Install Behavior and Resource Pack

 - Activate experimental game feature

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