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Armoury Offense Mod

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Armoury Offense Mod
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Tue May 28 17:36:19 CST 2024
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This Minecraft add-on adds a variety of medieval cannons and weapons to your game. All weapons have crafting recipes and can be used in survival and multiplayer games.

Cannon Ordinary Cannon (Cannonball Type: Ordinary Cannon Shell)

Slime Cannon (shell type: Slime Cannon)

Sheep cannon (shell type: sheep cannon ball)

Salvo gun (shell type: ordinary shells)

Additionally, there are ship versions of the regular cannon, the slime cannon, and the sheep cannon that can float on water.

battering ram

The battering ram can be right-clicked while sneaking. It will then begin to swing and impact the area in front of it, causing an explosion.

It can also be moved by right-clicking without sneaking.

fire bucket

Press and hold the fire bucket and right-click to splash water to extinguish a certain area of fire.


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