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Unleash Your Inner Beast Master in Minecraft with ANCIENT CRAFT!

Ditch the pickaxe and grab your dragonbone spear! ANCIENT CRAFT is a thrilling Minecraft addon that transports you to a world teeming with fantastical dinosaurs and magnificent dragons. This isn't just about building – it's about unleashing your inner hunter, tamer, and rider in a breathtaking survival fantasy adventure.

Forge Your Legend:

  • Hunt fearsome beasts: Track down diverse dinosaur and dragon species, each with unique attacks and behaviors. Master the thrill of the hunt and claim valuable trophies.

  • Craft legendary gear: Transform monster parts into potent armor, weapons, and even culinary delights. Forge a path of power and culinary satisfaction!

  • Tame and ride your allies: Build bonds with your conquered foes! Tame fearsome dinosaurs and soar through the skies on the back of majestic dragons. Explore the world from a breathtaking new perspective!

ANCIENT CRAFT is constantly evolving:

  • 15 New Mobs: Discover a vibrant bestiary, each creature adding a unique challenge and reward to your journey.

  • 3 Armor Sets: Craft mighty armor from your fallen foes, boasting distinct looks and powerful bonuses.

  • Test Version: This is just the beginning! Experience the core gameplay and witness the potential of ANCIENT CRAFT's vast ambitions.

Important things to keep in mind:

  • Some mobs are still untamable and unrideable. The thrill of taming and riding awaits in future updates!

  • Certain mobs may not drop items yet. The hunt for valuable loot continues!

  • Mob levels are being fine-tuned. Prepare for even more dynamic and challenging encounters!

ANCIENT CRAFT is the ultimate call to adventure for hunters, warriors, and dragon riders! Download it today and:

  • Immerse yourself in a world brimming with fantastical dino-dragon creatures.

  • Craft, hunt, tame, and ride your way to legendary status.

  • Experience the evolving adventure with ongoing updates and improvements.

Step into ANCIENT CRAFT and claim your dominion over a world teeming with primeval power!


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