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All Official Minecraft Capes - Server Support Mod / Texture Pack

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All Official Minecraft Capes - Server Support Mod / Texture Pack
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Unlock Every Minecraft Cape Ever Released with This Complete Collection!

Embolden your Minecraft presence with every official cape ever designed! This comprehensive pack grants you unrestricted access to the entire library of capes, worn by players across years of Minecraft history.

Unveiling a Treasure Trove:

  • Mojang Capes: Don the capes proudly awarded by Mojang Studios themselves.

  • Personal Capes: Express your individuality with capes designed by dedicated creators.

  • Minecon Capes: Commemorate epic Minecon events with exclusive capes.

  • Vanilla Capes: Flaunt the iconic capes featured in various Minecraft versions.

Beyond Capes:

  • In-Depth Cape Guide: Uncover the stories behind each cape in a captivating 6-minute video.

  • Server Compatibility: Shine brightly on your favorite servers with seamless cape support.

  • Sleek Interface: Manage your cape collection effortlessly with the intuitive subpack UI.

  • Elytra Integration: (If applicable) Soar through the skies in style with your cape flowing behind your elytra!


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