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Alchemy And Sorcery : Potion Expansion Mod

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Alchemy And Sorcery : Potion Expansion Mod
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Tue Jan 30 17:25:24 CST 2024
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Unleash the Magic Within: Embrace Alchemy and Sorcery in Minecraft Bedrock!

Tired of the same old potions and limited options in Minecraft? Alchemy and Sorcery blasts open a world of enchanting possibilities, transforming your Bedrock experience with over 50 new potions, unique consumables, custom crafting stations, and even loyal minions!

Ditch the Dull, Embrace the Powerful:

  • Drink on the go: Introducing Flacons! Divide your favorite potions into three smaller doses for a quick burst of effect, perfect for mid-battle situations. Don't worry about losing out - each Flacon stacks to 9!

  • Craft your companions: Command the power of necromancy to create loyal Minions who fight alongside you. Skeletons rain arrows upon your foes, Candle Golems illuminate your path and ward off darkness, and more await your necromantic touch.

  • Brew up a storm: Craft an astounding 50+ new potions, each offering unique effects beyond your wildest dreams. From iron skin to teleportation, panic to peace, and even summoning lightning storms, the power is in your hands.

  • Master the art of alchemy: Hone your skills at 4 dedicated crafting stations, each unlocking new possibilities. The Alchimist Cauldron concocts brews and fills flasks, the Mortar and Pestle doubles your powder yield, the Necromancer Table summons loyal minions, and the Brewing Station enhances brews with powerful modifiers.

A Feast for the Senses:

  • Immerse yourself in a beautifully crafted world: Every element, from ingredients to creatures, boasts stunning detail and visual flair.

  • Unravel hidden secrets: Discover captivating lore and uncover hidden mechanisms as you explore the depths of Alchemy and Sorcery.

  • Customize your experience: Choose from two brewing station recipes – Redstone for shorter durations and Glowstone for amplified effects. Tailor your brews to your needs!

Ready to embark on an enchanting adventure? Download Alchemy and Sorcery today and:

  • Craft extraordinary potions with unparalleled effects.

  • Command loyal Minions to fight by your side.

  • Explore a visually stunning world brimming with secrets.

  • Transform your Minecraft Bedrock experience into an alchemical odyssey.


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