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Agricultural Satisfaction Mod

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Agricultural Satisfaction Mod
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Wed Mar 06 16:34:20 CST 2024
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Tired of vanilla Minecraft farming?

Agricultural Satisfaction is a comprehensive overhaul of the farming system, making it a more rewarding and challenging aspect of the game! This free addon for Minecraft Bedrock Edition adds a variety of new features, crops, and mechanics to completely transform your agricultural experience.

Here's what awaits you in Agricultural Satisfaction:

  • Diverse Crops: Grow a variety of exciting new crops, including Tomatoes (planted on farmland bottoms!), Avocados (crafted from dropped ones by Farmer Villagers!), and more! Each crop offers unique benefits and crafting opportunities.

  • Enhanced Farming Tools: Utilize the Planter Box for increased crop yield and compatibility with vanilla crops (except melons and pumpkins). The Farmer Hat grants regeneration near fully grown crops and safe bee nest harvesting.

  • Helpful Entities: Encounter friendly Butterflies (4 vibrant variants!) to add a touch of life to your builds. Worms (spawn in rainy taigas) turn dirt into valuable Rich Soil for your crops.

  • Automated Assistance: Craft a Beetroot Buddy to automate crop harvesting and replanting (requires separate harvest collection). Ensure your Buddy gets a good night's sleep (on any carpet) for optimal productivity.

  • Balanced Delicacies: Discover a range of new food items with balanced nutrition and hunger restoration.


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