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AEcraft's Modern Furniture | AEmoderniture Mod

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AEcraft's Modern Furniture | AEmoderniture Mod
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Craft Modern Living with AEmoderniture: Stylish Furniture for Your Minecraft World!

Introduce sleek, contemporary style to your Minecraft builds with AEmoderniture! This fantastic addon by aecraft brings a carefully curated selection of modern furniture blocks directly to your world, perfect for enhancing kitchens, living rooms, and more.

Unleash Your Inner Interior Designer:

  • Survival & Creative Ready: Whether you're building in survival or creative mode, AEmoderniture empowers you to decorate your spaces with ease.

  • Modern Aesthetic: Embrace the clean lines and minimalist appeal of modern design, creating stylish and functional interiors.

  • Diverse Furniture Options: Discover a collection of essential pieces including bedframes, bedside cabinets, chairs, coffee tables, counters, desks, sofas, and more!

Key Features:

  • Variety of Colors and Materials: Customize your furniture with different colors and wood types to match your unique vision.

  • Functional Details: Enjoy working dish drainers, light-emitting desk lamps, and other immersive features that bring your builds to life.

  • Compact Addon: Despite its extensive content, AEmoderniture remains a lightweight addon, ensuring smooth performance.

Available Furniture:

  • Bedframe (2 colors)

  • Bed (3 colors)

  • Bedside cabinet (oak, birch, spruce)

  • Chair (oak, birch)

  • Coffee table (oak, birch, spruce)

  • Counter

  • Counter 1 (with cabinets)

  • Desk

  • Desk lamp (with light)

  • Dish drainer

  • Laptop

  • Sink

  • Sofa (left, mid, right)

  • Stove

  • Table (oak, birch)

  • Wardrobe cabinet

  • Water dispenser

Effortless Installation:

Thankfully, obtaining AEmoderniture is simple! Whether in survival or creative mode, you can acquire the furniture you desire without crafting.

Start Building Your Modern Dream Today!


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