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Pokemetels Harry Potter Mod

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Pokemetels Harry Potter Mod
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Addon: Pokemetels Harry Potter - modsgamer.com

This Minecraft mod lets you cast spells from Harry Potter, such as the unforgivable spell Avada Kedavra, and fight wizards and witches using powerful or strategy type spells. Eventually you will be able to be sorted into a respected house and receive your own personal wand.

This version currently contains 5 spells, 3 of which are basic casting, protection, and stun, that you can use from the start. The other two are except for Weapons and Avada Kedavra, one of which can also shoot anything.

In the future, almost all Harry Potter content will be added, like every spell, beast, boss, wand, and more!

Mod content introduction

How to get spells

  • Regular spells like expelliarmus can be found rarely by killing most types of hostile mobs

  • Сurses like avada kedavra can be found by a rare chance from the warden.

Addon: Pokemetels Harry Potter - modsgamer.com


At the moment theres only 1 wand which can be obtained by putting just a stick in your crafting gui

Addon: Pokemetels Harry Potter - modsgamer.com 

How to Select Spells

When you use your wand 2 arrows will pop up in hotbar, you use those arrows to cycle through your spells which then you use your wand to cast the spell

How to use mod

 - Install Behavior and Resource Pack

 - Activate experimental game feature

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