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Minecraft Addon: Gas Mask

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Minecraft Addon: Gas Mask
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Sat Sep 30 11:12:56 CST 2023
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Addon: Gas Mask - modsgamer.com

This Minecraft Mod is add a gas mask that will allow you to enter the caves without fear of the negative effects that the caves will brings in this mod , which are the effect of poison and nausea.


When you put add this mod in your world, the caves will automatically become very dangerous almost impossible to go through them, but thanks to this gas mask, you will be able to go through it without problems, first of all you will need to craft the following.Addon: Gas Mask - modsgamer.com 

These are filters and they are crafted in the following way, it will be very important later.

Addon: Gas Mask - modsgamer.com 


Once you have the filters you can craft the gas mask that will serve to avoid the effects of poison and nausea that you receive when entering the caves from depth 44.Addon: Gas Mask - modsgamer.com 

If you enter a cave without the gas mask, a sad fate awaits you as it will make you nauseous and vain (it can kill you)

Addon: Gas Mask - modsgamer.com 

the gas mask will allow you to go through the caves with ease without worrying about being affected by the negative effects that the caves now cause from layer 44

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Addon: Gas Mask - modsgamer.com


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