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AceEntities v0.0.2 Mod

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AceEntities v0.0.2 Mod
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Fri Jan 12 17:50:50 CST 2024
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Unleash the Power of AceEntities in Minecraft PE!

Fans of the anime, brace yourselves! The AceEntities Mod (v0.0.2) brings your favorite high-speed hero straight to your Minecraft PE world, but in a whole new way!

Meet the Accelerator: This isn't your average mob. It's a powerhouse waiting to be tamed and by your side. Once you do, prepare for exhilarating battles alongside a loyal companion who transforms into a wolf-like form for even greater agility and ferocity.

But AceEntities isn't just about one cool mob:

  • Gear Up: Craft and wield unique weapons inspired by the anime, dominate enemies with cutting-edge drone support, and utilize handy tools to enhance your Minecraft experience.

  • Experience the Speed: Feel the thrill of the Accelerator's signature ability, leaving mobs and challenges in your dust!

  • Endless Possibilities: This mod is just the beginning. Future updates promise an expanding arsenal of features and surprises to keep you engaged.

Screenshots below offer a glimpse, but the real magic lies in taming your own Accelerator and unleashing its power in your Minecraft PE world.

Download the AceEntities Mod today and:

  • Command a loyal and powerful companion.

  • Wield weapons and tools straight from the anime.

  • Experience exhilarating combat and high-speed thrills.

  • Join a community of passionate fans building an ever-evolving world.

Become the ultimate Accelerator! Download AceEntities Mod now!


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