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Abstract's Recraft: An Overhaul Mod

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Abstract's Recraft: An Overhaul Mod
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Tue Feb 27 15:51:21 CST 2024
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Reimagine the End: Dive into Deepbark and Beyond with this Expansive Minecraft Add-on!

Yearning for a renewed End experience in Minecraft? This ambitious add-on delivers a comprehensive overhaul, introducing new biomes, structures, mobs, items, and more!

Unveiling the Deepdark Biome:

  • Embrace the Eerie: Explore the Deepbark biome, a dense, purple-fogged forest teeming with unique flora and fauna.

  • Forge New Paths: Mine vysillium, a new block forming the biome's foundation, and discover lochinvar rosebushes and vysillium tulips.

  • Encounter Rarity: Uncover occasional pools with end lilypads and witness the majestic Deepbark trees with their distinctive leaves.

Discover Enigmatic Structures:

  • Dragon Skeletons: Uncover remnants of ancient Ender Dragons in various sizes, offering valuable crystallized dragon blocks.

  • Battle Towers: Test your mettle in these perilous structures, yielding scrolls of strength and other rewards. Beware the shulkers lurking within!

  • Pollen Strongholds: Delve into these rare structures to encounter formidable foes and unearth potent pouches of pollen and plantlife items.

  • End Reservoirs: Harvest Deepbark blocks outside their natural biome and encounter endermite spawners within these smaller structures.

  • Frog Spawners: Preserve these crucial components of the ecosystem, as the residing Deepbark frogs serve a vital purpose (more details below).

  • Deepbark Bushes: Enhance the biome's vibrancy with these newly spawning plants.

  • End Libraries: Uncover ancient texts unlocking advanced enchanting capabilities, granting Unbreaking IV and Efficiency VI levels (excluding peak sharpness and protection).

  • Ranged Arena Structures: Seek out this elusive structure, rumored to contain a crossbow with instant drawing and a bow with unparalleled power (balanced for PvP).

  • End Temple: This formidable structure harbors incredible loot, including a book of sharpness VI and protection V, but be prepared to face formidable adversaries.

  • Void Cat Structure: Encounter the void cat, a unique companion obtainable alongside valuable resources like crying obsidian and budding amethyst.

Encounter New Mobs:

  • Deepbark Frog: Harvest slime pads crafting materials by slaying these peaceful amphibians.

  • Void Cats: Befriend these felines, identical to regular cats in behavior and offering superior combat prowess and health.

Craft Powerful Equipment:

  • Deepbark Family: Utilize logs, planks, slabs, and stairs crafted from Deepbark for construction.

  • Plant Family: Gather lochinvar rosebushes, Deepbark tulips, end lilypads, and Deepbark saplings for various purposes.

  • Bone Block Family: Craft and decorate with various bone-based blocks, some obtainable from dragon skeletal structures.

  • Void Ore Family: Mine void ore found below y level 55 and unearth void shards to create void crystal blocks.

1.5 Update Blocks:

  • Deepbark Fruit Leaves: Illuminate the Deepbark biome and harvest Deepbark berries for sustenance and night vision.

  • Slime Pads: Craft these incredible blocks using Deepbark frog mucus to experience exhilarating bursts of speed, perfect for building expansive transportation networks.

Unveiling Powerful Items:

  • Crafting Materials: Explore the crafting process using void shards, void crystals, vials of dragon tears, corrupted rods, empty glass orbs, crystallised dragon bones, scrolls of strength, pouches of potent pollen, and more.

  • Tools and Equipment: Equip yourself with Void Shovel, Void Hooked Hoe, Void Pickaxe, and Void Waraxe, surpassing Netherite tools in speed (excluding mining vanilla blocks due to a Minecraft bug).

  • Void Armor: Don the most defensive armor set in the game, crafted with void crystals.

  • Lochinvar Flower Crown: Adorn your head with this charming, yet minimally protective, flower crown.

  • Corrupted End Pearl: Teleport 7 blocks in any direction, phasing through walls and negating fall damage with precise timing.

  • Corrupt Firework: Launch yourself 30 blocks high, ideal for elytra boosts or traversing high elevations.

  • Corrupt Orb Items: Craft the orb of leaping, regeneration, invisibility, or swiftness for temporary potion effects with cooldowns.

Deep Dive into Void Scythe Variants:

  • Regular Void Scythe: Deliver slightly more damage than a Netherite sword.

  • Spirited Void Scythe: Generate a pool of positive potion effects lasting 2 minutes, ideal for self-enhancement or supporting allies (3-minute cooldown).

  • **Hexed Void


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