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Super Spyglass Addon

date date Fri Dec 15 17:32:11 CST 2023"
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Super Spyglass Addon
modsgamer Minecraft mods
Fri Dec 15 17:32:11 CST 2023
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Addon: Super Spyglass - modsgamer.com

The Minecraft mod add-on Telescope is a powerful tool that allows players to observe distant objects.
The SuperSpyglass plug-in further enhances the functionality of the telescope and provides players with more practical functions.

Red is the x coordinate, green is the y coordinate, and blue is the z coordinate.Addon: Super Spyglass - modsgamer.com 

Name Panel

The name panel consists of several parts: 

On Entity
Scale only appear if the entity's scale is not equal to 1.Addon: Super Spyglass - modsgamer.com 

On Block

Redstone power of appear if > 0Addon: Super Spyglass - modsgamer.com 

On Item

Item count only appear if > 1Addon: Super Spyglass - modsgamer.com 

Job Panel

Displays job/occupation of the entity (Currently only works to villagers).

Color Panel

Displays the color of the entity (Currently only works to sheeps).

Level Panel

Displays the current level, current exp and exp needed of the entity.
Only appear if the entity's level > 0.

Addon: Super Spyglass - modsgamer.com

Damage Panel

Displays to current attack damage of the entity (Only works on vanilla entities).
Only appear if entity has attack damage.

Attack damage may vary depending on what the entity is holding.

If entity has melee damage:

Addon: Super Spyglass - modsgamer.com

If entity has range damage:

Addon: Super Spyglass - modsgamer.com

Sometimes entity has both

Addon: Super Spyglass - modsgamer.com
  • Health Panel

  • Defense Panel

  • Effects Panel

Addon: Super Spyglass - modsgamer.com

Equipment Panel

Displays the item/equipment the entity equipped.

Overall View

Addon: Super Spyglass - modsgamer.com

Addon: Super Spyglass - modsgamer.com

Addon: Super Spyglass - modsgamer.com

Make sure you turn these onAddon: Super Spyglass - modsgamer.com 

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