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KamAZ-5350 General Utility Truck Mod

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KamAZ-5350 General Utility Truck Mod
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Wed Sep 13 10:39:11 CST 2023
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KAMAZ 5350 - modsgamer.com

This Bus Simulator Indonesia Mod contains a KamAZ-5350 General Utility Truck.


​1. The standard KamAZ-5350 has a payload capacity of 6,000 kg and is capable of towing a trailer or artillery piece.Different modules are designed to be installed on trucks for different purposes.Additional armor can be installed in the cabin to enhance protection for the crew inside.The cabin sleeps three people and has a berth.

2. The vehicle is powered by a KamAZ-740.13.260 turbodiesel engine delivering 250 hp.It is equipped with a cold weather activation device and is effective in temperatures as low as-50°C.The truck is equipped with a central tire inflation system

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