How to Use?

1. Open 

2. Select the mod you want and download 

3. After download finished, you will get mod file want

4. After extracting the mod file, please place the corresponding file in the following folder: 

Just put the file in the path under the corresponding package name file according to the package name of the game you downloaded. 

At present, different versions of Melon have 2 different package names, and you can place the mod according to the game you downloaded.

Put the file with (. melmod) suffix to (Android/data/com. Studio27. MelonPlayground/files/Mods) or(Android/data/com.TwentySeven.MelonPlayground/files/Mods)

Put the file with (. saves) suffix to (Android/data/com. Studio27. MelonPlayground/files/Mods) or 


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5. After finished these operations, restart the game and the mod you imported will be activated.


1. After downloading the mod, please load the mod in game too, and then enter the map to use the mod, if the mod does not work or not show up, please restart the game. 

2. After downloading different modules, each module may be placed in a different category in the menu bar on the left side of the map, please check. 

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3. Due to the game’s underlying code, loading too many mods at same time may cause problems, such as black screen or stuck, which can be solved by deleting the mod and restarting the game.